Last quiet sunday for a while  

Sunday, 6 April 2008

2007-11-04_14-32-14_04112007139 I am blogging from the pub through the wonders of 3G. Today is the last Sunday before the girls are back, so i intend to take full advantage. This morning i spent doing iaido. Thankfully a bit better than last week. But still a lot of work to do to get my Omori sorted out. I also took the opportunity to practice kendo kata as I'm supposed to be teaching it this week. Hmm - should be interesting.

Sunday lunch at the Phoenix is obviously the place to be for the local OAPs. The place is packed with crumblies enjoying a Sunday roast. This pub is so far out of step with the modern world - like stepping back in time 25 years -but all the better for it. With its horsebrasses and fake Tudor beams, it reminds me so much of the social club at the place where I did my engineering training. And in a funny way, it always makes me a little bit sad - remembering the wonderful times I had there, and the "family" of colleagues I grew up with. I still dream about being back there sometimes, even after all this time. Strange.

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