Am I missing something here?  

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

As of yesterday, new immigration restrictions came into force in the UK. Not content with persecuting those who have spent a fortune for the dubious priviledge of coming here and have abided by all he rules, the government has now decided that even skilled immigrants to this country, that's the doctors, teachers, scientists and engineers - you know, the people with something to contribute - now have to amass "points" to retain the right to stay here or be thrown out. Meanwhile, a jobless Romanian teenage mother who has generously decided to allow the British taxpayer to feed, clothe, educate and care for her bastard offspring in perpituity can enter and stay for as long as she wants. What a brilliant bit of policy making that was.

I'm sure that as some point I must have missed some vital piece of information in this whole immigration saga, because it seems to me that the whole system is totally upside down. How can it be right that skilled and valuable people are thrown out, while the scum of Europe are given the keys to the front door and told to make themselves at home.

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